Healing Coaching Sessions

Intuitive Healing Coaching Sessions


This experience includes 3 online or telephone sessions lasting 33 mins each, spread over 30 days.

1. Recognizing and setting your values, your priorities and your goal.

2. Working with the subconscious, energy sessions – neutralization of limiting beliefs and limitations, blockades.

3. Grounding, Soul, Mind and Body Setting on Purpose, Motivation, Strengths, Focus, Questions.

I am an intuitive coach – my One 2 One Premium Soulperience sessions (luxurious experience for the soul) are based on deep work with the subconscious and I help my clients connect with themselves and with their real dreams, desires, ignite the fire of passion for life and the realization of their dreams and goals.

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„The Future belongs to those who believe in the Beauty of their Dreams.” – Eleonor Roosevelt

This is me joyfully running towards my dreams 😉